I emerge confused from a dip in The Lake On Clinton Road

  “The Lake on Clinton Road” (2015) is loosely based on an urban legend  about Clinton Road in New Jersey. Some crazy college kids that get into trouble when they crash uninvited at a cabin on the lake and meet a ghost or something. Spoopiness ensues.   Murderess Diana White is interviewed by two … Read More

Burying the Ex Shows us That the Only Thing Worse Than a Jealous Ex-Girlfriend is An Evil Undead One!

  Burying the Ex (2014) is a zombie horror comedy, or zomedy, directed by Joe Dante and starring Anton Yelchin,  Ashley Greene, Alexandria Daddario and Oliver Cooper. Max is a loser that wants to move forward in life and start his own business, but his shrew of an ex-girlfriend, Evelyn … Read More

Sharknado 3: Soulless Cash Grab or Absurdist Delight?

  “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” is a SYFY original movie about a massive freak storm system that consists of shark toting tornadoes ravaging the landscape. This B-Movie series is found to be funny by some, and quite questionable by others. Watch it and decide for yourself as to which … Read More

Hot Lesbian Action, Eels, and a Facelift. What more could a Hannibal Fan Want?

  So while the first few episodes of Hannibal’s final season were strictly about the shocking aftermath of Season 2 and further character development (to disappointing effect for some, me included), it seems like the series has gotten back into full-force of moving its twisted story lines forward at a … Read More

Scream: The Series Episode 4 “Aftermath”

Tyler O’Neil is about to get some great head. His own. Emma, Audrey and Noah weep and express outrage as Riley’s body is removed from the roof of Lakewood police headquarters and carted out the front door, even though the station has a perfectly fine morgue in the basement… Where … Read More

I Got STUNG, but I’m Feeling No Pain with this Gooey Monsterfest!

  “Stung” (2015) A garden party is swarmed by giant mutant killer wasps that are hellbent on stinging people and turning them into human/wasp hybrid monsters. Hilarity ensues. Directed by Benni Diez and starring Clifton Collins Jr., Toney de Maeyer and Jessica Cook.   Have you ever seen someone killed … Read More

Things are heating up in Murderville! Scream: the Series Episode 3 “Wanna Play A Game?”

  We open with a flashback to the violent murders of Brett Keener and Dara Alton, who died after the 1994 Halloween party which began the Brandon James Massacre. Brett did something terrible to Brandon, and Dara is just an innocent caught in the crossfire. Noah, our resident obsessed murder … Read More

Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story Comes to DVD in August!

  “Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story” is a tightly woven found footage film that builds on the Slenderman mythos created by the guys behind the “Marble Hornets” youtube horror series. It’s a really good movie. You can read my review of it here. Anyhoo, “Always Watching” was so successful … Read More

At the end of your rope with found footage flicks? Fear knot. The Gallows is here.

The Gallows (2015). It’s been 20 years since a tragic stage accident cuts a drama student’s life short.  Now, students return to the scene of his death to try to honor him, and uncover the disturbing truth about the young man’s death.   First time directors Travis Cluff and Chris … Read More

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: The Camp, The Mayhem, The Main Man Ash Williams is Back!

  Fans of the “Evil Dead” series rejoice! Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is back, and grooming a new generation to fight the evil deadites in the Starz original series, “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” It preserves all of the splatterpunk goodness of “The Evil Dead” and “The Evil Dead II,” while … Read More