iZombie S2:E10 Method Head

When we last left our Zombie-Darling, Olivia Moore, her whole world was falling apart. Detective Babineaux took her off the investigative team after she donned a superhero outfit to solve a case. She had to side with “Team Blaine” in order to find a couple of bodies that were mules … Read More

Progeny: A Parasite, A Human Impostor and Its Offspring?

  “Progeny” (2015) Starring Brigid Macaulay, directed by Jeremiah Kipp. Director of Photography Leya Taylor and special effects by Arthur Cullipher from “Headless.” A woman goes on the hunt for sexual partners that will incubate her offspring.     Brigid Macaulay does an incredible job with what could be a … Read More

The Lazarus Effect

“The Lazarus Effect” (2015). Directed by David Gelb.  Starring Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Donald Glover and Evan Peters.  Music by Sarah Schachner. A group of medical students discover a way to return dead things back to life. First animals, then people. What’s the worst that could happen? Students working at … Read More

Cooties: Elijah Wood, Prepubescent Zombies, and Tainted Chicken Nuggets

  “Cooties” (2014). Directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion.  Starring Elijah Wood, Alison Pill and Rainn Wilson. Contaminated chicken nuggets cause a zombie outbreak in an elementary school. It only affects children. I hope your health insurance covers cootie shots!   At a chicken farm, near the town of … Read More

Zombie New Year

There are tons of traditions for New Year’s Eve. The most obvious is for those who travel to Times Square to watch the ball drop and hear bad music by bands they never heard of. Here in Pennsylvania, you can travel to Hershey, or as it often called, Chocolatetown USA, … Read More

Taste The Flapjacks Of Terror With Lumberjack Man

  “Lumberjack Man” (2015) Directed by Josh Bear. Starring Micheal Madsen, Ciara Flynn and Jarrett King. Church campers run into mysterious killer lumberjack in this crazy pancake themed slasher flick. Yes, you read that correctly. Pancakes. He uses pancakes to kill people. You can’t make this stuff up!   It’s pretty … Read More