Gimme an H! A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

  H’s entry in our A-to-Z short horror film review series is rather a mixed bag of blood, entrails and beasties, all put together in what Alfred Hitchcock once titled one of his short story compilations, “Death Bag.”   Nearly all of today’s subjects are from the United States, with a … Read More

It’s a Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre! Nuff said!

“Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre” (2016)  Directed by Jim Wynorski. Starring Traci Lords,  Dominique Swain and Christine Nguyen. This made for TV B-movie extravaganza features buxom women being attacked by sharks. But, not the way you’d think. No, these are subterranean, prehistoric sharks that are sent to the surface after a fracking … Read More

iZombie S2:E18 Dead Beat and iZombie S2:E19 Salivation Army

A little over a week ago, I sat through a 90-minute season finale that had enough commercials to pad a 60-minute show to that 90-minute mark. Aside from being slow-moving and without any form of resolution, it disappointed. I really don’t care that it mirrored the comic frame for frame. … Read More