Addicted to the Abyss Vampire Serial Part 8: Lost

  This is Part 8 of a 12 Part Vampire Serial by Cassie Carnage. It is NSFW and contains mature content. You can read Part 9 here: Jonah and Mallory are at a breaking point. Mallory’s addiction to him is ruining their fragile relationship. Can Jonah save him? Or is … Read More

Top Ten Songs About Monsters

I come from the primordial ooze! Well, not really. But I do come from a time before MTV and music videos. This time of year, the radio stations would play novelty records that had monster themes. Add to this the syndicated Dr. Demento Show on Sunday nights (in Philly), and … Read More

The Halloween Movie List—Our Annual Viewer’s Guide to the Best Holiday in Existence

  Each year for the past couple, I have scoured the websites of the world of Cable to find all the horror, sci-fi and fantasy films that are being shown on or around Halloween. This year, Halloween falls on a Monday. Most of the channels out there are showing our … Read More

R You Xperienced? Part Two of a Two Part Article on the Letter R — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Two directors have really impressed me with their visions of horror. When coming up with this series, I felt that when I got to this letter, I had to give them their own article.   There are many good things that come from Canada. This filmmaker may be one of … Read More

A Killer Is Stirring In All Through The House

All Through The House (2016) Directed by Todd Nunes. Starring Ashley Mary Nunes, Jessica Cameron, and Jennifer Wenger.  A surprisingly competent and bloody low-budget slasher film about a killer dressed as Santa Claus who terrorizes a small town. This review contains minor spoilers and, like the film itself, is definitely not family friendly. … Read More

Top 10 Horror Flicks For Halloween!

The season of the witch is here again, dear friends and fiends! That means that in addition to bags of candy, ghoulish appetizers and booze, there’s one more very important item you need to stock up on for a wonderful Halloween party: the innocent souls of newborn puppies! What? No. … Read More

R You Ready? Part One of a Two Part Article on the Letter R — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

The Letter R. A letter so big it will take two installments to cover the films and the luminaries that are associated with its majesty. Well, maybe majesty is a little strong. There is a lot of ground to cover with the letter. First, we are going to look over … Read More

Impossible task #1-The Letter Q! – A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Some things in life are hard. Brain surgery is hard, especially if you only have a spoon. Riding on the back of great white shark is hard, especially if you are holding an open can of tuna. Hitting a home run is hard, especially if you have spaghetti arms like … Read More