About Ernie Fink

Ernie Fink has been a fan of film, mainly in the genres of horror and mystery, in equal parts, for over fifty years. His love of horror in the cinema begins with "King Kong" and in literature with Edgar Allan Poe and Bernhardt J. Hurwood.  With mysteries, he skipped from the Hardy Boys right to Hercules Poirot, only to find John Rebus and Harry Hole waiting in the wings. He has been known to read subtitles extensively, and rarely leaves a theater until the lights come up.

The Letter “Y”– A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Over the course of this series, I have already written 25 articles (for those counting, I did two articles for “R”). This is number 26. As with the last article, “Y” titles are not as numerous, but more so than “X”. For the most part, I can stay with the … Read More

The Letter X – X-Rated! An A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

  Lock Grandma in her room! Send the kids to a Pixar film! Draw the shades! Shut off the lights! We are gonna get raw! We have it all: Violence, Sex, Nudity, Genitalia. All in living color, except for one that is only in black and white. Yes, there are … Read More

W, Not Double You! — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

So, now I have stooped to using a scene from a comedy film. Extra points to your House if you can name the film! Today, the film landscape is dotted with zombies, double features, more zombies and a surprise classic. Most are from the US, although France figures into the … Read More

V Vant to Suck Your Blood– A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Okay, just as no self-respecting Dracula would say “Blah, Blah, Blah,” (Thank you Adam Sandler in “Hotel Transylvania”), no Dracula ever said “I vant to suck your blood.” I did say that titles were hard to come by! Worse than that, there are no vampire films on this list. Here … Read More

U Ought to Be in Pictures, But Not in These! — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

I would have thought that the Letter “U” would be tough. But I was wrong. There are quite a few with a “U” as a header. This time, we are going to both ends of the Millennium, with a couple of films by pioneers and then a view of what … Read More

T and Cyanide! No Sympathy! — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Sit down. Have something to drink. Would you like a scone with that? Maybe the antidote?   Here we are again, dear viewers. Another letter, another group of intriguing short films. As with “R” and “S”, the letter “T” has a good quantity of choices. To go along with this, … Read More

S-omewhere Under the Headstone – A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

You can tell that this series is winding down as the titles are getting less and less creative and more and more ridiculous. I had a vision of an undead Dorothy Gale, singing to a skeletal Toto in an alternate Kansas. Hence the title. Today, we travel to Canada, France, … Read More

Top Ten Songs About Monsters

I come from the primordial ooze! Well, not really. But I do come from a time before MTV and music videos. This time of year, the radio stations would play novelty records that had monster themes. Add to this the syndicated Dr. Demento Show on Sunday nights (in Philly), and … Read More

The Halloween Movie List—Our Annual Viewer’s Guide to the Best Holiday in Existence

  Each year for the past couple, I have scoured the websites of the world of Cable to find all the horror, sci-fi and fantasy films that are being shown on or around Halloween. This year, Halloween falls on a Monday. Most of the channels out there are showing our … Read More